August meeting

Good afternoon

It was lovely to see everyone of you again today. We had 25 boys and girls today with two new ladies joining us for the first time. Welcome to Sue and Trish, who brought up the numbers at the quilting table.

A few of the regular members were on holidays and others busy with family, so  next month might be busy again.

The Show and Tell table was full of beautiful items once again. Socks by Elisabeth, who has caught the sock bug after finding the perfect yarn for her needles. A magnificent quilt by Liz, who dedicated many hours while recuperating of an illness.

Helen showed off her alpaca wool shawls, and Trish brought in some modern quilts that were absolutely stunning.

Helen Fitzpatrick  made a lovely runner , with the tiniest of squares and Gail knitted a baby jacket, hat and bootees for a new family member ( in the making).

I finished a small scrappy cot quilt, to empty out my scrap basket.

Enjoy the piccies and see you next time.


February 2020 meeting

Hi everyone

We had a very nice meeting with 18 people attending and it was a hive of activity.

We had knitters, spinners, quilters and even our new member Merryl doing some upholstery. In between all the crafting there was a lot of chatting and we are all up to date with the latest news. All in all a lovely social morning and I hope it will continue through the year.

There was a suggestion this morning of organising a market day in about 6 months time, where we would be able to sell out craft items, excess materials etc. I think it is a lovely idea and something we could all work towards. Please let me know what you think.

There where a lot of lovely items on the table this morning and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Keep healthy and happy and see you next month

January 2020 meeting

Hi everyone

Sorry for the delay in publishing the photos of our last meeting. I finally got around to editing and writing this small update.

There were 16 crafters at the hall in Judbury and everybody was busy catching up on the news and stories around family, friends and visitors over the Christmas period.

The bushfires and the utter devastation was one of the main topics of conversation.

The modern quilt guild is organising a sewing day at the rowing club on the 19th of this month with all the proceeds going to the bushfire appeal.

We only had a limited amount of Show and Tell, but the quality was again outstanding and a joy to the eye. Thanks everyone for your contribution.

I hope to see you all again next month and till then, Happy Crafting.

Johanna Xoxo

Last meeting for 2019

After a month of windy, rainy and icy cold weather we had the first warm day in a long time. The Judbury hall felt warm, light and inviting and we had a wonderful Christmas meeting.

Of course there was an over abundance of food, catering to everyone ‘s taste and we all made a very big effort to taste every single item that was presented. Still there were leftovers to take home, but the husbands would have been pleased…

We had a good amount of show and tell and we always learn new tricks and tips and go home with a lot of inspiration for the next project. Pauline will show us in the coming months how to transform a plain piece of fabric in a wonderful dyed addition to a quilt and I am pretty sure we will see a needle holder made from an empty lipstick container in January.

Enjoy the pictures and the coming Christmas festivities with family and friends and we will see echo their again, healthy and happy in the New Year 2020!!!


November meeting

Hi Everyone

On this lovely Monday morning,10 of us came together to spend some quality time together. We all had a good time, sharing tips, telling stories and catching up on the important happenings in our lives.

We are only a few weeks away from our Christmas meeting and I hope to see a lot of old friends turning up for some festive celebrations. I will try to get some confirmations a week beforehand, so we can organise the day properly, that is, if people would wish to come at all.

Please enjoy the pictures and see you all again in Judbury.


July meeting

This months meeting came, the same as last month, to an abrupt end by the faulty fire alarm of the hall. The noise is unbelievably loud and piercing and it is nearly impossible to stay in the hall and clean up.

There were only 15 of us, so it was a very intimate gathering. Let’s hope we are a few more next time.

Stay healthy and happy


May Meeting


It was a lovely day in the Huon Valley and we had a group of 24 people catching up and crafting. Glenys brought her partner for support after a back operation. The poor man looked a little bit bewildered, but he took it all in with a smile as stayed till the end.

Monique celebrated her birthday today and we hope that all her dreams will come true this year.

I have to apologise to Jenny and Valeri, I failed to take a picture of your show and tell, scarves, beanies and beret. I am so sorry for the oversight. Too busy talking I think.

I hope you all will enjoy the pictures and I hope to see you all again next month.

Bye for now Xoxo


APRIL meeting

Hi everyone

An other month has passed and this morning 21 crafters got together and spent some lovely hours crafting and catching up !

The mix of different crafts is obvious when you walk and talk to each other. We have a few spinners,a few weavers, knitters and embroiderers, and a handful of quilters and ladies that crochet. It is always handy to get some tips if you are stuck on a projects.

Pauline showed me a new stitch in knitting and then she was busy adjusting a dress pattern for Julie. We all learn so much from each other, I love it.

Enjoy the pictures and keep on crafting till we see each other again next month.

Happy Easter.