Crafters February 2013

Wow, what a great day we had in February. It was our second birthday so we celebrated with cake and the usual good array of delicious’ness, well done to all the culinary experts among us. Thanks heaps to those that cleaned up behind us, very much appreciated. Did anyone find a pair of spectacles, if so, please let me know.
There was such a lot going on. A big thank you to Ken, Shirley, Megan and anyone else who stepped up and helped out Gillian with her fibre prep and Eve with her spinning wheel and Julie with her carder and Mike with his spinning. Great to see new folk join us in fibre obsession. And a well done to Wendy for persevering with and sorting out her new Brioche pattern.
The show and tell table was groaning with craft, where to start? Sad to say, no-one had a camera on the day. Jess certainly takes the honourable mention for variety and volume! Those fibre batts were simply luscious both in texture and colour and size and presentation – beautiful. Then there were buttons, screen printed Ts, felted patches the children had produced with zip lock sandwich bags, the start of a spoon carved from rose wood, colour-graduated skeins of wool, and a sock blank! And we got to meet Mr Jess and the children. Below is a picture of Jess’s Peacock Fibre Batt.
What else was there by others? Samples of silk scarves and paper dyed with cordata – a native Aussie plant – good variety of tones in the gold colours. Odd scraps of yarn artfully knitted into modular pieces to make a garment. An Ear Warmer beautifully knitted and shaped and decorated. Skeins of yarn in generous sizes. 20cm squares to contribute to the blanket. An array of socks from a new’ish knitter. A 20m length of TARN – that’s yarn made from old t-shirts, (can make PLARN similarly, thats plastic yarn from garbage bags). Brioche knitting – creating a nice thickly textured effect.
The Buy and Barter table had quite a mixture. Plums of Prune, Damson and Green Gage variety; Jewelry; Magazines; Batts of fibre; Skeins of wool; Cutlery; and probably other items I’ve missed.
The hive of activity was almost exhausting. Folk were carding wool batts, carding raw alpaca, spinning alpaca, spinning wool, knitting jumpers, crocheting vests, sampling new recipes in the kitchen, renovating wheels, maintaining carding machines, networking and trading skills, relaxing, exploring the treehouse park, wielding scissors on old t-shirts, and taking in the view of the Huon river from the quiet of the verandah.
Couple of things to tell you.
  • Bothwell is on soon, see
  • The Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild of Tasmania always welcomes new members, and joining gives you a wider fibre network, a chance to hire equipment to try before you buy, an extensive library from which to loan and a great yarn store full of that fibre you simply must have, at member friendly prices. See
  • The Franklin Art Show is looking for YOUR entry. I attached the flyer to the group email.

Crafters January 2013

January 2013:

So nice to be back in to the swing of caring and sharing with the crafty Judbury folk. The verandah was such a great place to be today, watching the Huon river go by was an excellent excuse to stop work and kick back with a cuppa and a nibble. Thanks to all the domestic goddesses who treated us royally. I have a small plate here, cows painted on it, I shall try to bring it to next meeting to be returned to the owner.
What a mixed bag of craft today! Lesley’s felted vessels are fantastic, and so was that delicate looking felted scarf, will we see them all next month Lesley? Wilma had a nice piece of woven material, so soft, what will it become? Irene had all sorts of works in progress and delighted us with her Knooking teaser, and Jude had crafted bone Knooking needles! We look forward to Knooking in February! Jarvis alternated between a knitters loom and finger knitting, (when he wasn’t telling jokes), and Maree had prepared her very own silk cap and spun some of it on the spindle. Jude was crocheting a cotton curtain, sort of a time warp piece that one, what will it become now? There was also some navaho plying, spinning of silk/wool blend and some gorgeous skeins of natural dyed wool, what was that Jennifer – the old shrub out the front? Robyn had her beautiful Eyre wheel embellished with original wood carving, just stunning. Elke was wearing her fabulous vest – great colours and workmanship.
The knitted rug squares are coming together, laid out and inspected today, the concensus is another 12 – 15 squares in autumn tones. 20cm square (8″), with a tail of yarn left to aid sewing up. Bring along your knitting needles and sewing-together needles next month if you can.
Maree asks if everyone is happy for Malcolm Fielding to come along to a meeting with his drop spindles, so that will happen at some time in the future. See Malcolm’s work here.

Crafters in 2012

cushion_frenchknitCrafters went from strength to strength in 2012, appreciating the atmosphere of the Judbury community hall, and making good use of the verandah overlooking the Huon river as they spun, yarned, wove, felted, engraved, knitted, and crafted tools.

Crafters in 2011

Recycled clothing

Recycled clothing

Crafters began meeting in the Judbury Community Hall in February 2011. Situated on the beautiful Huon River it is a great place to meet fellow crafters, to share one’s craft, knowledge and skills and in return, absorb new ideas.

The range of crafts continually introduces us to new ways to tweak our own craftiness.