Crafters March 2013

Crafters was abuzz with activity in March. Thank you to the domestic goddesses who showered us with gourmet delights.

Lesley and Janet were felting up a storm at one end, Nick was beading up a sweat at the other, and in between Shirley was in the kitchen cooking up the perfect scone! I have attached the recipe, now I’m not saying there is any pressure to bring YOUR perfect scone next time, but hey, if the mood takes you!
Lesley Kirby, in her capacity as the Enterprise Facilitator, informed us about Huon Sirolli Network Inc., if you want to know more her email contact is
It was fabulous to see so many people sharing their skills. Elke showed us how to crochet Solomon’s Stitch; Valeri showed us how to do Judy’s Magic Cast-on for toe-up socks; Shirley demonstrated candlewicking, and also how to cook the perfect Lemonade Scone. (and the proof was in the eating I must say!) Tara talked us through using short rows to make a beautifully capped sleeve addition to a knitted singlet pattern, Lesley gave a quick overview on how to make a felted sleeve to fit electronic gadgets and also led Janet thru a nuno felting tutorial, Juleen showed us her beautiful spindle working with silk; Jess whipped up a fibre batt and …… I’m sure I’ve missed someone showing something, somewhere.
The Buy or Barter table had a fabulous variety of temptations. Sweetcorn, Jam, Relish, Jewellery, Carding machine, Dyed fibre, Dyed yarn, Circular knitting needles – it really is fun to be able to exchange our goods. We are going to purchase Wendy’s carding machine and have it available for you to use at Crafters should you wish to card fibre ‘on the day’. It will be an extra $2 if you use it.
So let’s recap; we felted, nuno-felted, knitted, batted, crocheted, carded, wheel spun, spindle spun, beaded, cooked, chatted, laughed – sounds like fun to me.
Enjoy the slide show.

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Here is the pdf for The Perfect Lemonade Scone. scones_judbury
Here is the link for Cast On Toe Up Socks.
Here is the link for Cat Bhordi’s Sweet Tomato Heel.
A note for next month, Wendy has conquered Brioche Knitting and will lead a mini-tutorial with notes available. To join in bring with you…
DK (“8 ply”) or similar weight yarn in two colours
4mm or 4.5 mm needles, two double point (or two circs)
a pair of BIG single-point needles (7mm is good) for casting on very loosely