Crafters September 2013

Crafters filled the hall with fun, laughter, food and craft on a cold morning riverside in Judbury.

Thank you to everyone for being there, big thanks to the domestic goddesses who treated us to delicious snacks to go with our tea and coffee, and good on you Michelle for being early and putting on the HEATING!

Couple of things to share with you before you get to the photos.

Shirley’s Nut Fruit Slice,¬†Nut Fruit Slice

Craft Classes at the HWSD Guild of Tasmania on a Tuesday night at the Guild rooms in Battery Point. They will be great fun, get a friend or two and go along. Phone Cathy on 6267 1000 or email the Guild.

  1. Sep 24th Crochet Granny Squares like you’ve never crocheted them before with Gwen Smit. $15
  2. Oct 29th Brioche Knitting with Shirley Tongs. $15
  3. Nov 26th Techniques for finishing that knitted project with Judy Blackburn. $15

Bruny Island artists invite you to enjoy Rediscover (the arts on) Bruny Island! at the Salamanca Long Gallery, Peacock Theatre and Sidespace Gallery, Wed 18th thru to Tuesday 24th September at Salamanca in Hobart. More details here.

And…..very happy birthday to Jude!

Helen of Dowpaca, and Josiane, set up a very professional display of alpaca’ness, taking the mystery and worry out of processing this lovely fibre into quality yarn, dyed fibre, knitted and woven garments and felted wonders.

Nikki bought her wonderful mixed fibre batts to add to the Buy or Barter table that was full of other goodies – jams, pickles, sauces, handspun yarns, alpaca fibre and more. Cathy bought along the Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild of Tasmania Yarn store, what a treat. We had a budding artist in our midst crafting us a Jungle drawing, and others braiding or tempting us with Flax from Vancouver Island – soon to be linen thread! Cathy had been busy experimenting and learning weaving techniques.

Irene had been busy crafting flowers, beautiful details.

Gail and Helen were quilting, and Helen showed us a quilt just finished.

and finally, Jennifer had some fabulous little lady bird socks. Very craftily, she had purchased commercial yarn in a pale colour being discounted at the local store, over-dyed it with 4 separate colours in a methodical way and created a gorgeous self-striping yarn.

Commercial yarn re-skeined to a 40cm loop then over-dyed with 4 colours to produce a self-striping sock yarn, by Jennifer.

Commercial yarn re-skeined to a 40cm loop then over-dyed with 4 colours to produce a self-striping sock yarn, by Jennifer.