Crafters December 2013 – Merry Xmas!

What a fabulous day! 32 of us met up to share fun, laughter, craft, food, Santa gifts and stories.

Thank you to all the domestic goddesses who plied us with such gorgeous fare as fresh scones, rum balls, brandy pudding sweets, meringues and strawberries, quiches, delicious savoury whats’a’names, alpaca toasts, beetroot dip, xmas tree bikkies, fruit mince pies; raspberry & white chocolate muffins; curried eggs; chicken salads; iced vovos and MORE. The poor table was groaning, and the photo only shows 1/3rd of the fare on offer.

And what a variety of craft this month! Truly, the talent pool is amazing and it is no wonder the Buy or Barter Table is popular. The show and tell table included embroidered panels with divine dragonflies; woven lengths of cloth destined to be worn as vests; beanies with woven tops made on the knitters plastic circle loom; placemats skilfully finished and decorated; skeins of wool both dyed and naturally coloured; felted hats and scarves; toe-up socks; graduated dyed yarn re-skeined from knitted and dyed blanks; jumpers with a facet design; hat molds and yarn bowls crafted from Huon pine; wall hangings; baby spoons carved from rosewood; wooden handcrafted darning needles – and I’m sure I missed things. It is all so busy I have trouble keeping up with the pace.

We have the opportunity to join Jacqui in a felting technique in January, and Cindy will be taking names for interest in a Tatting tutorial in February. If there is anything you would like to share with the group, speak up, we all like to learn a new thing or two.

Merry Xmas everyone, and truly, may the New  Year bring you health, happiness and prosperity. Looking forward to sharing it with you.