Crafters January 2014

Judbury Crafters can sit and take it easy enjoying the Huon River view.

Judbury Crafters can sit and take it easy enjoying the Huon River view.

What a terrific day we had on 27 January. Glorious weather so the verandah overlooking the river was prime real estate and thoroughly enjoyed by spinners, felters, chatterers, knitters, wood whittlers and those just taking a break! It has been decided to return Crafters meeting day to the original SECOND MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH. Check the About page for a list of those dates.

Irene displayed her market goodies and Tony plied us with coffee on demand – onya both! There was a feast available for snacking, thank you everyone who contributed, it is hugely appreciated.

The Buy or Barter Table was quite successful; beans, zucchini, books, fibre batts, earrings, chocolate wafers – there was a lot of haggling and purchasing going on.

Jacqueline led many folk thru producing a felted vessel with almost no water – and some terrific creations were exhibited. Click the first pic to view as a slide show.

Ros sat quietly out on the verandah creating felted flowers with some of Linda’s fabulously coloured fleece.

The Show and Tell display had a fantastic variety of well crafted items.

In the general buzz some folk did actually manage to work away. Ken generously donated his time with a new spinner – repairing a wheel, lending a bobbin and teaching the fine art of turning fluff into thread. That’s the beauty of Crafters, the variety of things going on means someone is bound to have a skill to share.

Another great day!