Crafters February 2014

jfibreWow!!! What a day, never was I more wrong. “It will be a quiet gathering”, I said. Nup! So brilliant to see so many of us gathered to share and care. Valeri, Janet, Dorothy, Cathy, Shirley, Jeff, Helen, Mike, Pauline, Jeanette, Joy, Jacqueline, Helen, Gail, Linda, Zoe, Kerry, Pam, Nikki, Jennifer, Margaret, Helen, Megan, Josiane, Margaret, Ken, Lorraine, Maree, Irene, Irene, Tony – the J’s won this month, 7 of your names started with the letter J. Many thanks to the Barista Boy who kept us going, to Irene for her display of notions, Linda for the brewing kit!!!!, the jams and the ????, Nikki for the earrings and herbage, Josiane for the fleece – oh dear, who have I missed? We appreciate your input to the buy or barter table.

Variety was the name of the game. Spinning, circle machine knitting, embroidered bags, knitting, crocheting, needle felted landscapes, quilting, hand sewing of exquisitness, felt balls, weaving, machine embroidery, bags, collars, felted works in progress (wips) – it got quite exciting. Clicking the first photo will give you a slide show with text for each image.

Remember the 4-shaft table loom is set up – feel free to experiment with weaving, design and colour, technique or yarn type. Nothing is wrong, everything is right, and at the end of the meterage we will have some cloth with which to play.

See you on the second Monday of March!

Weave-a-long, Learn-a-long

Crafters have a 4-shaft table loom set up to use each month this year. With about 3m of warp there is lots of opportunity to play, learn, experiment with colour and design and yarn type, practice tension and think about uses for odd woven bits! The loom is threaded 1 2 3 4 3 2 1 2 3 4 3 2 and repeat for 175 threads. A floating selvedge added each side. Always manually lift UP the outgoing end thread to make a selvedge no matter what pattern pick you have chosen.

A lift of 13 24 13 24 13 24 etc will produce a plain under and over weave, (often called tabby).

A lift of 12 23 34 41 12 23 34 41 12 etc will produce a pointed twill.

A lift of 1  2  3  4  3  2  1  2  3  4  3  2  and repeat, that is, only 1 shaft lifted at a time, (same as the threading) will produce diamond pattern.