Crafters April 2014



What a lively gathering of crafters! Some new faces amongst us; welcome to Romaine, to Judy, to Veronica and also, to Jacki who came along with her Mum Lynda.  We are looking forward to sharing our skills with you, and getting to know you. Big thanks to Tony, the coffee was fab, and thanks to the domestic goddesses who turned up with morning tea.

Thank you Shirley for running the show and tell, with 3 tables of craft to share you kept us on the straight and narrow. We were bowled over with Veronica’s show and tell – quilts, baby blankies, easter chick’a’dees, dolls and more! Then there were Floor rugs, twilled throws, wonderfully stitched jumpers, knitted jumpers, hats in progress, pin cushions, flowers, leaves, quilts, woven pieces for vests, dyed yarn, dyed fibre, easter bonnets, baby layettes, craft sample books, personalised craft bags, indigo and shibori work, beaded shawls, knitted dolls. The variety of well crafted, much loved goodies we produce between us all is testament to the importance of hand crafting; that we can laugh about and share our disasters as well as our triumphs is good for each one of us.

There is a thought that next month we will have some dye pans available and Wilma (and Valeri) will lead us in some yarn dyeing. So if you have some skeins you’d like to dye, or some balls even, in light or white, bring them along. Helpful to also have gloves and some plastic bags to take your possibly still wet yarn home. If you are a messy bunny, throw in an apron. The dyes will be commercial, unless I get to boiling up some onion skins to add to the colour options.

Remember that Shirley will lead a workshop at the Guild on 3 May, how to design and craft your own shawl. Details here.

See you next month, in the meantime, enjoy the photos. And if you have any photos you wish to add send them to me, and if I have any information wrong, or lacking, let me know so I can correct it.