Crafters May 2014

Alpaca fibre dyed on the stove top, in Landscape Raspberry

Alpaca fibre dyed on the stove top, in Landscape Raspberry

A great May Day – a hall full of bubbly, laughing, chatting, crafting folk. Big thank you to Wilma; it was a great idea to make a dye day, and her dyeing certainly sparked a lot of interest, I heard several people say they were off home to experiment. And that’s what it is all about, nothing is wrong, everything is a fun learning curve.

There were several different dyeing methods – whole balls of yarn dyed in different colours by different aspects, skeins painted and wrapped in cling film and steamed, skeins looped around different wells in a salad tray, fibre in mesh bags steeped in simmering stove top dye pots, and a habitué silk scarf pole-wrapped and dye dipped.

Away from the dye pots other people were spinning wool, alpaca, qiviut or flax, knitting, embroidering, quilting, eating, chatting, crocheting (and learning to crochet), teaching spinning, bartering or buying plants, swapping knowledge, whittling wood into beautiful objects, learning to weave – and probably more that I didn’t see.

Thank you to all those who contributed some morning tea nibbles, it really is appreciated. And thank you for the apples Irene, great idea. Enormous thank you to Jacqueline stepping up with her camera and taking such brilliant photos, and following that thru by dropping the resolution to send them onto me (no NBN out here, our internet service would suit the Flintstones!)

Gail and Helen had just returned from a Quilting Cruise to New Zealand, perhaps next month they will share some of their experiences, even some photos?????? What a fabulous idea. Was it one of those Craft Cruises, or one of these?

By the by, want a fun read – see this.