Crafters June 2014

Lorraine's absolutely FABULOUS cotton knit dress.

Lorraine’s absolutely FABULOUS cotton knit dress.

A fabulous cold winter’s day in the Huon. What a lot of fun to craft along with everyone, all doing something different, sharing skills and learning from each other. 40 of us met today, no wonder the hall was so warm and noisy! The rafters that arrived from upstream (Tahune actually), looked on enviously as they emerged from the river late morning.

We got to hear about Craft Cruising – thanks Gail and Helen for giving us a snippet about your recent watery adventure to NZ and back, we look forward to seeing your quilts. Such a mix of crafted pieces on show – Lesley is going to share her spiral beanie pattern, Naomi is going to share her orange/pumpkin/apricot cake recipe with Maree, Helen told us about the knee rug idea for Bothwell 2015 and Josiane encouraged us to spin a longest thread for Bothwell, and why not do two entries – one alpaca and one wool, its only 10gm.

Wilma had all her yarn on display – the same yarn she dyed last month – and it was great to see how the different dye techniques with the same dye gave varied yarns. Great job Wilma. Lesley and Nikki had also been dabbling in dye pots with terrific results.

The Buy or Barter table had gradient-dyed yarn; Handwoven magazines; Chinese Fortune sticks; Tantrix puzzle game; Potted plants; Handcrafted jewellery; Bejewelled cushions; Hand-knitted cardigan; Fibre batts and more. Feel free to use the table – spread your treasure around. Put your name to it so swappers or buyers can find you.

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Enjoy the pics.