Crafters September 2014

Beautiful pencil drawings, by Rolf.

Beautiful pencil drawings, by Rolf.

Spring is in the air and we certainly sprung into Crafters – all 48 of us! Big hugs and thanks to Michelle, Tony and Irene who had the hall all set up  and warm and toasty long before I arrived – and with the continued aroma of good coffee and savoury muffins and great company it felt like home – all day long.

Shirley conducted a Jam Judging Tutorial with a professional set-up, giving us hints, ideas and constructive criticism – thank you Shirley, now to see those award-winning jam entries roll into the Hobart and Huon shows. Remember – fill your jars to just below the lid, use straight-sided jars, no bubbles, keep the seal to prevent fungus & mould, submit fresh jams, make sure your jam reflects the description you give it, put the label straight and very low down. Michelle volunteered she sometimes boils down apples and uses the liquor as a setting agent for jam.

Michelle prepared and baked savoury muffins – I didn’t hear all the advice but I did see folk taking earnest notes. I do remember – don’t use paper patty pans, rest your muffins before releasing from the tray, place onto tea-towel over a rack after cooking, and above all, BE QUICK if you want to eat one!

Maree bought Dash and Speckle – 2 lovely fibre bunnies. Dear Speckle is only 9 weeks old, an Angora. Dear Dash is a Jersey wooley, or mini-angora. Both were extremely cute and we really do thank you heaps Maree, it is a big ask to truck them across country. We look forward to more bunny goodness on the Buy and Barter Table.

Valeri and Judy did some twisting! Valeri showed how to twist a fringe on your completed piece using the Ashford Fringe Twirler and also the Girl’s Hair Toy. Judy then showed some of us a technique used to twist leaves – such as those on the Day Lilly and the Gladioli. Useful for baskets, trims etc. Dry your leaves first, then reconstitute in water for pliability when you twist them.

Valeri had 3-D printed hard plastic bobbins for her Majacraft wheel. These are available for different wheels, from Akerworks. Don’t be put off by the high freight cost, email Adan direct and ask him if he can use an alternative.

Irene shared with me a tonic good for several ailments as well as general well-being. Boil/steep the leaves of Locquat, Mulberry, Olive, Persimmon and Grape in water and then strain and save the resulting tea. If you wish, add some cinnamon bark for extra anti-oxidants. The ‘tea’ smelt lovely and it is something I must try.

The Buy or Barter table had eggy goodness, plants, jewellery, rhubarb, fringe twirlers and more, complemented by Miss Irene’s Notions!

Big congratulations to Wilma for her swimming achievements recently. And a reminder from Wilma, the ArtTrail Exhibition 2014 is on 20 -21 September at the Kettering Hall and studios throughout the Channel. See the website for information. Let’s get behind these great artists and make a day of it on Saturday 20th Sep or Sunday 21 Sep.

Next month Josiane will happily lead a group through making Shropshire Buttons. The group will retire to the verandah or quiet corner for this. Bring wool needle, few metres of wool and an old, unwanted button. (or other small circular hard blank)

Enjoy the pics, and thanks, each of you, for being a part of Judbury Crafters.