Crafters March 2015 – Mad Hatters

Intargia knitting detail

Intargia knitting detail

Well we weren’t so mad as mad hatters but we did have a lot of fun, and hats did feature! There were knitted cable beanies, fish beanies, felted hats, woven hats, straw hats and one glorious silk blue hat that didn’t appear in the photos! And, hats were being crafted on the day.

Great weather for spinning a yarn on the verandah while the Huon river rushed by. Wheels were given some TLC, lapsed spinners were reacquainted with their long forgotten wheels and electric spinners were explored. Lesley and Jacqui were felting, and if you want to see what the Tassie Felters get up to each month, see their website. Liam was crafting dragons and Jarvis was spindling with Dr Who in between making felt balls! Nikki had a tub full of bullrush reeds and showed us how to make some very impressive twine.

The Buy or Barter table was quite busy with Plants, Herbs, Beets, Nashi, Potatoes and Books. Brian dropped by to run the Wheel of Fortune, and Janet was the winner of the Nichol’s Meat Tray!

Thank you to all the morning tea contributors, thank you to Shirley for running Show and Tell, thank you to Brian for the Wheel of Fortune and most of all, thank you EVERYONE for turning up and making such a fun day. Note from Jess, the vest pattern is Galiano, on Ravelry. Next month we will explore Encaustic Art with Marie.

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