Crafters April 2016

20160411pacabuttonHow lovely to spend time together sharing craftiness and stories. The Buy and Barter table had fleece, bottled passionfruit pulp, magazines, plants and dyed fibre, and possibly more, sometimes it goes before it arrives! Show and Tell was varied as usual – felting, knitting, crochet, dyeing, weaving, wooden tools, balls of yarn, banners, lace collars…….we never know what is going to pop up. Nikki showed some of us how to make a puni with her hand carders, others helped Jennifer with a knitting pattern that just isn’t behaving.

Pauline showed us the 6 by 15 laddered cable. Cast on, knit a few rows. Then knit 6, cast off 15, knit 6, cast off 15……., then knit back matching that but cast on 15 where you cast off. Knit a few rows and repeat the cast off cast on rows. Keep going until you have the length you want then cast off. Then, twist the first floating 15 piece to make a loop of it, and thru the loop cable up the rest. There is a pic below demonstrating the result. Clever clogs Cathy achieved a similar result with a weaving piece – setting a challenge for some of us to follow suit.

Rasa showed us the vary-dent rigid heddle loom she was using, opening up more weaving possibilities. It is also possible to have someone 3D print extra segments for rigid heddle reeds, Valeri has trialled some very successfully.

Elke has been unwell and is recuperating, we made a Crafters tape for her with some of the things we were spinning or knitting on the day and we wish her a speedy recovery. Good luck to Helen and Mike at Agfest this year, love the banner you made. Good luck to all those heading to the mainland for a winter sunshine sojourn.

Enjoy the photos, do let me know if something is not quite right. And, thanks for being a Judbury Crafter!