Crafters May 2016

Fabulous apron by Shirley, love it.

Fabulous apron by Shirley, love it.

Fabulous day in the warm Judbury Hall, big thank you to Chris E. who turned the heat on for us ahead of the meeting, that was one cosy hall. Big hugs and thanks to Michelle E. who left us gorgeous Scones, Jam and Cream, and milk for the tea and coffee. We love you guys! Crafters contributed some great morning tea and it is much appreciated by all. Great sandwiches Megan. The malfunctioning smoke alarm has been put on a jobs list, thank you to those who reminded me about that.

What was going on? Jacqui prepared a felted scarf – looking forward to seeing the results from the felt balls that will become ruffled, multicoloured roses adorning the ends of that scarf. Valeri was weaving a hula hoop to brighten up a winter garden, and several crafters took hoops and willow sticks home to bring their wonders next month, looking forward to those. Many other works were in progress, knitted jumpers, crocheted rugs, quilts, weaving cotton & silk scarf, and fractal spinning. What a varied bunch we are. Here are links to the shawls Lyndel crafted – some free, some paid – on Ravelry. Oaklet, Age of Brass & Steam Kerchief, Emiliana, Le Moelleux, Gingko Shoulderette.

Buy or Barter had alpaca fleece, plants, books, prepped wool fibre, tapestry stand and more – but no eggs, 😦

The June meeting is – Show off your outdoor creation! (And we have a special guest coming to the July meeting, his name is Dexter.)