Crafters July 2016

guidedogstasfuzzyCrafters enjoyed a day together on what became a very windy, blustery, cold late afternoon, but lucky us had a gorgeous sunny winter’s time before that all happened. Big thanks to everyone who contributed to morning tea, so appreciated, and nice to share with one another. Irene spoilt us with Persimmon tastings, what gorgeous glowing fruit they are, and so healthy for us. Kerry told us about her Limequat tree (Cumquat x’d a Lime) – just perfect for Gin and Tonic, she assures us! Josiane has Pomegranet trees, and Valeri is going to cultivate a Medlar – so we have all manner of strange things sorted out between us.

Zoe and Dexter visited from Guide Dogs Tasmania, and we were treated to information about the How, Why and Wherefore of Guide Dogs – we were glad to donate to this worthy cause. On average, $35000 to train a dog, we are so lucky in this small state to have such a competent organisation. Thank you to all the Crafters who took away a desk top donation box, nice to know more money will be finding it’s way back to train yet more dogs.

Three of the intrepid Tassie Felters toiled over their tables with all manner of bubble wrap and mysterious bits, 2 felted masterpieces went from flat pancakes to hats on blocks – stirling work.

Buy or Barter had the usual interesting array of goodies, nice to know we can all move our stash from one to another! 🙂 And Megan won the meat tray.

Enjoy the pics, apologies if I didn’t get all the names correct today, email me with corrections and omissions so I can get it right. (thanks)