Crafters October 2016 – Cutting and Potting with Jeff

20161010plantingsmallWow you hardy souls braving the wild weather of the Huon, great to see everyone. Big thanks to Jeff for the run through about successfully taking cuttings and making your own new plants – daisies, hebes, trailing little coral basket plants – Jeff made it seem so easy. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labours blossoming in the garden next season.

Buy or Barter had a crazy look today – were they shoulder pads!!! – yes they were, a whole bag of them. And Textile Forum journals, tomato plants, seedlings of pumpkin, coriander, tommy toe tomatoes and corn, and a purple 4-cornered leather handbag.

Show and Tell was enhanced by 3 folk wearing their fabulous creations – and others trying to hide their light under a bushel….what is that about….what light, and what bushel? Great to see Julie’s Scottish visitors, sorry they are dashing away so soon. Helen B had her new Tape Loom – what a fantastic little loom – just perfect for braids, bands etc., no need for a  large Inkle loom, see the website.

It was Jeff’s birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF.

Enjoy the pics. Let me know if anything is amiss.