Crafters February 2017

20170213swimsuitbadgepicCrafters gathered on what felt like a Winter’s day in the middle of Summer!!! Thank goodness we have such a warm and cosy hall in such a brilliant riverside spot. Some brave kayakers did set out, I bet they had a quick trip downstream to Huonville.

Lots of different things going on, Wilma got her teeth into Saori weaving and was off and running with different bits of yarn – we are looking forward to her creations. Julianne led us through turning swimsuits into carry bags – that’s Xmas gifts fixed! Thank you very much Julianne, much appreciated. The lovely Irene and Tony plied us with coffee, and we were spoilt with sandwiches and other yummy delights. Irene had tasty Green Gages to add to the fare. (bit healthier than my iced ginger biscuits!) Folk were spinning, knitting, laughing, crocheting, quilting, sewing, un-knitting (yes, you Vicki), bartering, buying, eating, and getting to know people. Great to see the variety of craft – yarn, fibre, wood, beads, wire and more.

Getting back to the Swimsuit bags; Julianne advises that the best swimsuits to use are not cut too high in the leg, not too low in the back, and have nice wide straps.

Glenys talked us through Show’n’Tell – thank you heaps for that. Enjoy the pics, thank you to Vicki for topping up the images today.