Crafters March 2017

Children’s Rose

A beautiful day riverside in Judbury to craft along with each other. Such a lot was going on. Weaving on Peg Looms, Spinning & Yarning and Quilting and Tapestry on the verandah, Stripping fabric with an electric cutter, enjoying the offers of the Barista team, snacking on the fabulous morning tea, swapping knowledge, welcoming visitors, sewing, crocheting, de-stashing, re-stashing …. it’s a great way to get to know everyone. Our Darwin visitor commented on how we share our knowledge with each other, letting it be known how we craft our wares, and that is a wonderful thing that we do. The things that work, the things that don’t work, it is all important to growing skills.

Thank you Irene for the beautiful roses, the colour and perfume of that Children’s Rose is superb. Glenys, that cutter is fantastic and I now have heaps of ‘new’ yarn for sakiori weaving. Pauline was carding fibre and taking to the drum with a screwdriver, others were skeining off twine – it was a very busy day.

The Buy or Barter table is always appreciated, and much of it was free this month. Really, you all excel yourselves in generosity of spirit and it is heartening to know how we support each other in so many ways.

We have built up a little extra cash again, so we will buy a decent First Aid Kit for the hall. Next month we could go all eggy for Easter. Felt an egg, knit an egg, even bring an egg, let’s get EGGY. Meantime, enjoy the pics, and tell me if anything is misnamed etc etc.