Crafters May 2017

Crafters got together to share all manner of things in May. The Buy or Barter table had such a diverse range of goodies – from unfinished garments to quilling bits to felting boards to craft books to plants to spindles to……… it was chockers.

Jill came along to reacquaint herself with spinning after a 30 year break and was spinning a great yarn by morning’s end. Great to see you Jill. Was such a pleasure to be able to pass a spinning wheel along to you, I hope you and the wheel visit again.

Pauline bought her new hips along, looking great, and of course had lovely craft to share with us. Who else would use a soldering iron to crochet a necklace?!?

Irene, a vision splendid as usual, wore the most amazing woollen pants, and topped it with a gorgeously detailed woollen jumper.

Josiane shared the Campbell Town Show details with us, if you want to submit something to the show, to keep this historic show alive with great craft, you can download an Entry form HERE and general Information HERE and drop your goods off to Viv at the Yarn Store by 24 May. It’s a lot of fun entering rural shows. Josiane also shared her Sour Dough Starter with those that bake, including a handy hint on an easy way to preserve your starter. But wait…..there’s more….., Big Congratulations to Josiane, now a Qualified Wool Classer! We are all very proud of you.

Win took home some sourdough starter, and Voila!!!!!!, Peter turned out a beautiful sour dough loaf! Love your work Peter.

To those going off travelling, stay safe, we look forward to your news and finds when you return.  Enjoy the pics, let us know if any details are amiss.