Crafters November 2017

What a pleasant day to have spent by the Huon river, we are blessed to have such a great hall in such a fabulous park. Many people spun on the verandah today, picture perfect. If the weather is similar in December perhaps we could take some spinning wheels to the small floating pontoon and get a pic of spinners ON the river!  🙂
Some beautiful craft on display today, nice to hear people tell us how they crafted their items. The Huon Show is coming up on Saturday, this NEXT Saturday 18th November, entries are accepted on the Thursday evening and the Friday, so please consider entering, your talents are AMAZING. Here is a link to look at the schedule and download an entry form.
Buy or Barter had quite a mix today; Eggs, Alpaca fleece, Moorit sheep fleece, Basket Cane, Plants, Earrings, hand-dyed Embroidery cottons, Hand-crafted Soaps, Cakes of gradient yarn, Craft books and more.
There is an exhibition & sale of craft from Stitching and Beyond at Sidespace Gallery in Salamanca 24th – 29th November, with an official opening on Thursday night from 5.30pm. See the attached flyer.
Next meeting is our Xmas meeting, we will offer a lunch table after Show and Tell, so hopefully everyone can stay a little longer and enjoy some lunch together. Join in the spirit, wear your Xmas bling.

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