Crafters December 2017

Crafters gathered to catch up with the news, see who had been busy doing what, and to celebrate the end of another fun year with some Xmas lunch. Thank you to everyone as we enjoyed wholesome food, nibbles and juice. Such a lot of local fare, another great reason to live in the Huon valley.

Congratulations to all the Crafters who were successful at the Huon Show 2017, your names appeared in the Huon News, which Pauline was thoughtful enough to bring along. Some crafters have been thru trials and tribulations this year and it is wonderful that the group can support one another in those times. Lyndel had a knitted shawl, (or was it 2), by Stephen West. He has presence on both Ravelry and Instagram, and his website is here. Some fabulous patterns along with the weird and wacky.

Once again Irene & Tony paired up to give us Barista service and keep the kitchen ticking along, truly fabulous, thank you both.

The little Xmas booties and Xmas puddings were knitted by supporters of The Huntington’s Disease Association of Tasmania, and Crafters were pleased to support them in turn by purchasing their wares and plumping them up with notions from The Stash Cupboard and with chocolates. Enjoy.

The next gathering is January 8th.

Merry Xmas, and we wish you health, happiness and good fortune in the year ahead.