April meeting

Good Afternoon

We had a very quiet and laid back meeting with only 21 people attending.

We have two new names on our list and I hope that they felt very welcome in our group.

I did meet Cathy Moore a few weeks ago in Brighton and we talked about our lovely group. I am happy she came to see for herself today, what we are all about and hope we will see her inn the future.

Barbara Killion was with us before, but her name never made the list. To Barbara we extend a warm welcome as well.

Show and tell was great as usual, with many beautiful items on show.

Helen showed us her magnificent quilt, in the Jane Eyre style, in the lovely tones of that era.

Viv made four handwoven tops, that were just to die for and Win put the last stitches in a table runner and put her hand to weaving as well, with quite a few items to show for all her efforts.

Jill brought in a vest knitted from Yak wool and a beautiful pink jumper. She is ready for a long  and cold winter.

Our show and tell session would not have been complete with a large display of items from Pauline. We were told about the art of “flour paste painting” and could see the result on Pauline’s shirt. All in all it was a lovely day and I hope to see everybody at the next meeting.

Stay healthy and happy

Kind regards