Last meeting for 2019

After a month of windy, rainy and icy cold weather we had the first warm day in a long time. The Judbury hall felt warm, light and inviting and we had a wonderful Christmas meeting.

Of course there was an over abundance of food, catering to everyone ‘s taste and we all made a very big effort to taste every single item that was presented. Still there were leftovers to take home, but the husbands would have been pleased…

We had a good amount of show and tell and we always learn new tricks and tips and go home with a lot of inspiration for the next project. Pauline will show us in the coming months how to transform a plain piece of fabric in a wonderful dyed addition to a quilt and I am pretty sure we will see a needle holder made from an empty lipstick container in January.

Enjoy the pictures and the coming Christmas festivities with family and friends and we will see echo their again, healthy and happy in the New Year 2020!!!


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