December meeting, 10 December

Hello crafters

Just a very short update on today’s Christmas gathering. It was an other very quiet day with only 19 people in our group. It is a very busy time of the year, so I hope that next year the numbers will increase again.

Our show and tell table was laden with beautiful items and we had two tables groaning under the heavy load of food.

Michelle and Helen returned from their trip to the USA and were showing of their thimble block small quilts and Helens vintage hand quilted beauties.

Pauline knitted a lovely cosy cardigan with some very interesting details and made a handful of jewellery, up cycled from old jeans.

Cathy made some bibs, lined with micro fibre cloth!!! Who would have thought ?and the reindeer we all fell in love with,was also made by this clever girl.

Nikki made a lovely quilt using old jeans as well, and the result was absolutely lovely. The pink and purple wreath was also a creation by Nikki.

Jenny (sorry if this name is incorrect) made a wreath of succulents, that would look lovely on my table, but unfortunately Nikki was the lucky recipient of this work of art.

I finished a small Christmas wall hanging and a larger one for my daughter, that was such a pleasure to make.

Besides all the crafting we do, I think we all make outstanding bakers and cooks. The food was sooooo good, and I think we all had a lovely time sharing all these dishes, slices, biscuits etc.

That is it from me and I hope to see you all again in the New Year



November meeting

On this beautiful November morning, we had a lovely meeting with eighteen people attending. It felt very quiet, but maybe this is the calm before the storm and everybody was just a little bit too busy. Hopefully we will have a full house at our next meeting, where we will celebrate the Christmas spirit. After a very short discussion we agreed to all bring a small plate for morning tea or lunch and a handmade Christmas decoration to give as a present to one of the crafters. You bring one and will receive one. Sounds like a great plan.

On our show and tell table we had some wonderful jeans bags made by Helen, all recycled and beautified with embroidery and applications.

Mike showed off his woodworking skills with a koala wall hanging, made of different woods. On our next meeting Mike will be setting up shop and hopes to sell some of his beautiful handy work.

Pauline had a large collection of goods, shawls, buckles, amazing jewellery and a jacket, plus a lovely bag. Great job as usual Pauline.

Monique Blomfield quilted a small mug rug and it was overlooked during the show and tell session, soooo sorry Monique!!!

Glenys showed us some of her colourful skeins in different colours and textures, what an artist!!!

And I made a small quilt for a new family member in Scotland with the Australian national treasures on them.

That’s it from me for now, so please get into the Christmas spirit and start crafting these decorations,

Stay safe and healthy


September meeting

Good afternoon

What a splendid day we had at our beautiful spot in Judbury. The drive down was just wonderful and filled with spring colour.

Our numbers were definitely up and there was a buzz in the air. Lots of spinning wheels today and our two crocheting masters were back as well. The quilting section is growing every month and soon we will need more large tables in that corner.

on the table we had a beautiful blue and white cotton shawl woven by Glenys and the finished colourful quilt by Helen. The workmanship on her quilt and the choice of fabrics are just out of this world.

Janet used all her spun wool and knitted this lovely jumper and Josiane knitted this teeny tiny beanie. Valeri brought in her full collection of colourful hats, she sure has been busy.

Mike made a beautiful thread stand and a set of sassafras weights, beautiful work!!!

To cap it all off Pauline had a variety of items, all lovely and well crafted and something different all together.

That was all from me and I hope to see you all back next month .

Regards Johanna

August meeting

Good afternoon

It was lovely to see everyone of you again today. We had 25 boys and girls today with two new ladies joining us for the first time. Welcome to Sue and Trish, who brought up the numbers at the quilting table.

A few of the regular members were on holidays and others busy with family, so  next month might be busy again.

The Show and Tell table was full of beautiful items once again. Socks by Elisabeth, who has caught the sock bug after finding the perfect yarn for her needles. A magnificent quilt by Liz, who dedicated many hours while recuperating of an illness.

Helen showed off her alpaca wool shawls, and Trish brought in some modern quilts that were absolutely stunning.

Helen Fitzpatrick  made a lovely runner , with the tiniest of squares and Gail knitted a baby jacket, hat and bootees for a new family member ( in the making).

I finished a small scrappy cot quilt, to empty out my scrap basket.

Enjoy the piccies and see you next time.


July meeting

Good morning dear crafters

Sorry for the delay in reporting the monthly meeting.

We have overseas family visiting for a month, so there is not much spare time.

Valeri has kindly taken the pictures of the meeting, and I hope you will enjoy them.

Thanks very much Gail and Helen for opening and setting up the hall, much appreciated.

Enjoy the beautiful winter weather and keep crafting.


June meeting

It was a very quiet morning in the Judbury hall, and only 22 people attending.

Everybody however, had a good time catching up with friends, and we even got some work done. We had two new ladies joining us in the “sewing corner”, and I hope they enjoyed the group.

We only had a few items for show and tell, but they were all of the highest standard.

please enjoy the pictures and I think they will all speak for themselves.

see you all next time


May meeting

Hello again Judbury Crafters

We had an other lovely gathering this morning with 26 people attending.

Our show and tell table was groaning under the weight of all the beautiful items that were brought in. Lyndel is such a prolific knitter and her socks are to die for. Her beautiful jumper with matching headgear, certainly took my fancy.

Pauline had a few very interesting projects to show, and made us all admire her inventiveness and skills.

Vicky finished her beautiful knitted top and a lovely baby blanket and Nikki was very creative with her sympathy cards.They were beautifully decorated and can be reused(who would have thought that?), plus she showed a lovely trendy and colourful little beanie.

Valeri showed us her weaving skills, with two beautiful pieces in lovely colours, as did Glenys, showing the beautiful top part of a jacket in the making.

Julie brought us a lovely cardigan, that had a lot of admirers amongst all the beauty presented to us.

Last but not least a lovely pair of slippers that were a present to Marry.

Before I sign off, just to make good an oversight on my part. I forgot to introduce Michelle Vince, who joined us for the first time this morning and was part of our quilting corner. We hope you enjoyed the experience and that you will return for many more months, or years to come.

that is it for this month and I hope to see you next time.

Johanna Xoxo