March 12 Meeting

Hi dear crafters

We had a lovely time with 30 people attending this meeting.

As usual we had a table full of show and tell and as you can tell by the pictures, all of the very highest standard.

Judy Parry    showed us her light as a feather lacy shawl, followed by the works of art from Valeri, a woven shawl and some beautiful dyed silk pieces. Lyndel had her needles working overtime again and showed us, apart from socks, beanie and plunger cosies, the most beautiful shawl, a design by Stephen West, according to Vicki ” of beautiful design himself”. We have to Google that one…

Pauline was busy with a family of bags of different design, and a lovely felted vest.

Helen created two beautiful shawls and Nikki made some lovely sheep earrings in all colours of the rainbow and some handcrafted cards.

The show and tell session was completed by Vicki, showing her lovely baby jacket.

All in all a feast for the eyes and thanks to all the ” show and tellers”, for sharing their work.

That is it for me. Please stay healthy, happy and safe and see you next month.





February meeting

Good afternoon everyone

Just a short summary of our meeting today.

It was a very busy morning with 33 people joining in the fun.

I think we all had a lovely and sociable time, with plenty of snacks, of the healthy and not so healthy variety. Thanks everybody for taking the trouble and time to bring all the goodies.

The show and tell table was once again filled with the most beautiful handicrafts and   I hope the pictures will do them justice. Pauline and Shirley made some lovely bags, Sheridan had some fun with wool dying, resulting in some wonderful beanies. Helen and Valeri produced 4 fibre scarves, even possum and rabbit were included and Pauline had us “oohing and aaahing” with her cowls. Vivian is working on her baby shawl and will have to get moving to get it to Queensland in time. Gloria made the most amazing tea cosy , covered in hats and mice and I am early this year with my finished Christmas wreath.


Bruce and Nicki catered for the green thumbs amongst us and they surprise us every month with the most lovely plants.

thanks for your support and see you next month




Crafters January 2018

Hi all

What a great start to the New Year on this perfect Monday morning.

You would not want to be anywhere else.

I am always looking forward to our show and tell, and it never disappoints. We had a table laden with the most beautiful craft items and there was a great variety of techniques.

Pauline was again in her most inventive mode and astounded us with cartridge ink dyed flowers. We had beautiful scarves, shawls, socks and pillows, and Winn made a stunning wall hanging of” the Kiss”. So much talent in this lovely group of boys and girls.

We were treated by our great barista team to some great coffees and lots of biscuits to keep us all happy.

I hope you will all have a great month and we will see each other next time.

Kind regards  Johanna


Crafters December 2017

Crafters gathered to catch up with the news, see who had been busy doing what, and to celebrate the end of another fun year with some Xmas lunch. Thank you to everyone as we enjoyed wholesome food, nibbles and juice. Such a lot of local fare, another great reason to live in the Huon valley.

Congratulations to all the Crafters who were successful at the Huon Show 2017, your names appeared in the Huon News, which Pauline was thoughtful enough to bring along. Some crafters have been thru trials and tribulations this year and it is wonderful that the group can support one another in those times. Lyndel had a knitted shawl, (or was it 2), by Stephen West. He has presence on both Ravelry and Instagram, and his website is here. Some fabulous patterns along with the weird and wacky.

Once again Irene & Tony paired up to give us Barista service and keep the kitchen ticking along, truly fabulous, thank you both.

The little Xmas booties and Xmas puddings were knitted by supporters of The Huntington’s Disease Association of Tasmania, and Crafters were pleased to support them in turn by purchasing their wares and plumping them up with notions from The Stash Cupboard and with chocolates. Enjoy.

The next gathering is January 8th.

Merry Xmas, and we wish you health, happiness and good fortune in the year ahead.

Crafters Huon Show 2017

Wow, Judbury Crafters strongly supported the Huon Show 2017 with some great results. Many Firsts, Seconds, Highly Commendeds, AND the overall Homecraft winner – all regulars at Judbury Crafters.

Congratulations Jennifer Bright, Lyndel Churchill, Pauline Heather, Win Banney, Johanna Williamson, Shirley Tongs, Helen Dowd, Valeri Pain, Josiane Eve, Mike Dowd, Carol Woolley.

Photos not great, battling lighting, cellophane covers, crowds and dying phone battery.

Crafters November 2017

What a pleasant day to have spent by the Huon river, we are blessed to have such a great hall in such a fabulous park. Many people spun on the verandah today, picture perfect. If the weather is similar in December perhaps we could take some spinning wheels to the small floating pontoon and get a pic of spinners ON the river!  🙂
Some beautiful craft on display today, nice to hear people tell us how they crafted their items. The Huon Show is coming up on Saturday, this NEXT Saturday 18th November, entries are accepted on the Thursday evening and the Friday, so please consider entering, your talents are AMAZING. Here is a link to look at the schedule and download an entry form.
Buy or Barter had quite a mix today; Eggs, Alpaca fleece, Moorit sheep fleece, Basket Cane, Plants, Earrings, hand-dyed Embroidery cottons, Hand-crafted Soaps, Cakes of gradient yarn, Craft books and more.
There is an exhibition & sale of craft from Stitching and Beyond at Sidespace Gallery in Salamanca 24th – 29th November, with an official opening on Thursday night from 5.30pm. See the attached flyer.
Next meeting is our Xmas meeting, we will offer a lunch table after Show and Tell, so hopefully everyone can stay a little longer and enjoy some lunch together. Join in the spirit, wear your Xmas bling.