Crafters September 2016 – Hello Spring

What a lovely sunny morning to be gathering in the Judbury Community hall to share laughter, craft and great nibbles. Big thanks to Viv Crawford who runs the Guild Yarn store; Viv bought down several copies of the Guild’s latest publication, “The Weaving Patterns of Edward Hussey, being notes on Edward Hussey: His Patern Book, 1787” by Guild Life Time Member Mary Williams. Our Vice President, Don Waller, introduced the book, thank you Don. Read more about this book here.

The Buy or Barter table featured plants, books, fleece and even a Lazy Kate. Remember – your excess item could be just what someone else is looking for.

There is a lot happening in the near future, I have linked each of the following –  Tasmanian Craft FairMOVE Japanese Art Exhib. Calligraphy class.  Moving Creatures Exhibition.  Tasmanian Quilt Fair.   Sustainable Living Expo.   GALAXY Scarf Festival 2017. And may we encourage you to enter the Hobart Show and the Huon Show – your talents are amazing!

Enjoy the photos – and if I missed one feel free to send me your pic to add, and if there is any info you want added, ditto, email me.


Crafters June 2016

flowerpowerA delightful winter’s day in the Judbury Community Hall, warm as toast and hallelujah – the squeaking smoke alarm was FIXED! Smiles and happy ears all round. Soup, bread and gorgeous nibbles complemented the tea and coffee, big hugs and thanks to all the domestic goddesses out there.

Buy or Barter had a fabulous array of goodies – fleeces both Moorit and Merino, fibre craft magazines and YARN, lots of stash busting yarn! Brian turned up to run a Meat Tray raffle – and Sue was the lucky winner.

Congratulations to the Tassie Felters who featured in the latest FELT magazine, job well done.

CWA are having an AUSMAS in July in the Ranelagh hall, 30th July, sounds fabulous, a fundraiser towards a Defibrillator, contact Shirley on 6264 1714 to book your place.

Bothwell SpinIN March 2017 has a few competitions. Firstly the Longest Thread which must be submitted THIS YEAR by 31 October. Get your spinning mojo down to a FINE art and enter both the wool and alpaca sections. Secondly The Mary Simons Perpetual Trophy, and then the Competition Class events,

  1. Lace Weight Knitting Hand Spun – any article of your choice
  2. Lace Weight Knitting Mill Spun – any article of your choice
  3. Hand Spun Skein Art yarn – approx 100gms
  4. Hand Spun Skein Lace Weight from fleece 18wpi or more – approx 50gms
  5. Hand Spun Skein Medium Weight from fleece 11 – 17 dpi, 8 ply / DK – approx 50gms
  6. Hand Spun Skein from hand dyed commercial top – approx 50gms
  7. Hand Spun Skein from Natural dye or dyes – please state dye/s – approx 50gms
  8. Weaving Rigid Heddle / Knitters Loom – woven article of your choice
  9. Weaving on a Shaft Loom – woven article of your choice
  10. Felted article with a Highland theme – Adult entry
  11. Felted article with a Highland theme – Child entry

So check the website for entry forms and join the fun!

Guide Dogs Tasmania will visit us in July, bringing Dexter, a beautiful 6-year-old Labrador who works as their special PR Dog. Although he will be wearing a blue ‘learner’ coat on arrival – which means no interacting with him – it will be removed after the talk so you can have a cuddle, if you wish! We will be making a donation to Guide Dogs Tasmania at this time.

Enjoy the photos, and thanks for being a Judbury Crafter.

Crafters May 2016

Fabulous apron by Shirley, love it.

Fabulous apron by Shirley, love it.

Fabulous day in the warm Judbury Hall, big thank you to Chris E. who turned the heat on for us ahead of the meeting, that was one cosy hall. Big hugs and thanks to Michelle E. who left us gorgeous Scones, Jam and Cream, and milk for the tea and coffee. We love you guys! Crafters contributed some great morning tea and it is much appreciated by all. Great sandwiches Megan. The malfunctioning smoke alarm has been put on a jobs list, thank you to those who reminded me about that.

What was going on? Jacqui prepared a felted scarf – looking forward to seeing the results from the felt balls that will become ruffled, multicoloured roses adorning the ends of that scarf. Valeri was weaving a hula hoop to brighten up a winter garden, and several crafters took hoops and willow sticks home to bring their wonders next month, looking forward to those. Many other works were in progress, knitted jumpers, crocheted rugs, quilts, weaving cotton & silk scarf, and fractal spinning. What a varied bunch we are. Here are links to the shawls Lyndel crafted – some free, some paid – on Ravelry. Oaklet, Age of Brass & Steam Kerchief, Emiliana, Le Moelleux, Gingko Shoulderette.

Buy or Barter had alpaca fleece, plants, books, prepped wool fibre, tapestry stand and more – but no eggs, 😦

The June meeting is – Show off your outdoor creation! (And we have a special guest coming to the July meeting, his name is Dexter.)

Crafters April 2016

20160411pacabuttonHow lovely to spend time together sharing craftiness and stories. The Buy and Barter table had fleece, bottled passionfruit pulp, magazines, plants and dyed fibre, and possibly more, sometimes it goes before it arrives! Show and Tell was varied as usual – felting, knitting, crochet, dyeing, weaving, wooden tools, balls of yarn, banners, lace collars…….we never know what is going to pop up. Nikki showed some of us how to make a puni with her hand carders, others helped Jennifer with a knitting pattern that just isn’t behaving.

Pauline showed us the 6 by 15 laddered cable. Cast on, knit a few rows. Then knit 6, cast off 15, knit 6, cast off 15……., then knit back matching that but cast on 15 where you cast off. Knit a few rows and repeat the cast off cast on rows. Keep going until you have the length you want then cast off. Then, twist the first floating 15 piece to make a loop of it, and thru the loop cable up the rest. There is a pic below demonstrating the result. Clever clogs Cathy achieved a similar result with a weaving piece – setting a challenge for some of us to follow suit.

Rasa showed us the vary-dent rigid heddle loom she was using, opening up more weaving possibilities. It is also possible to have someone 3D print extra segments for rigid heddle reeds, Valeri has trialled some very successfully.

Elke has been unwell and is recuperating, we made a Crafters tape for her with some of the things we were spinning or knitting on the day and we wish her a speedy recovery. Good luck to Helen and Mike at Agfest this year, love the banner you made. Good luck to all those heading to the mainland for a winter sunshine sojourn.

Enjoy the photos, do let me know if something is not quite right. And, thanks for being a Judbury Crafter!


Crafters February 2016

Little jacket by Jenny R

Little jacket by Jenny R

What a great meeting we had in February. Delicious nibbles, thank you everyone that shared those treats, we had lots of fresh produce including grapes and watermelon – yummy – to balance the calorific chocolate and sandwiches! A balanced diet indeed.

The Show and Tell table had fabulous items that were shared with us all, the successes and the failures – and it is so important to show a piece that didn’t turn out as expected, it gives opportunity to others to share what does and doesn’t work for them. It’s such a great way to learn. Thank you very much to Shirley and Christine for the Show and Tell session.

Buy or Barter had a great selection of items, including bags of fleece, magazines, jewellery, wooden pens, plants and more.

We had Iris and Rita visit with Nanna to show us some of their handcrafted tools evoking an era long past and informing us of two upcoming workshops being held in Glen Huon very soon. Great work ladies. Perhaps The Canton of Lightwood would also be interested in your crafts. For those interested in the Nålebinding,  I have linked it to wikipedia as a starting point for you.

Lyndel shared with us a great app she uses – JKnitHDLite -, the free version has heaps of potential and usefulness, this is one link to it. And I also find my Blackboard app (My blackboard + by AKRIO) useful for small projects. Some folk were interested in my yarn bowls, these are crafted by Marie in Huonville. Altho’ her Facebook page only showcases her glass work, she also crafts fabulous dragon and bowl pottery.

We said goodbye and good luck to Judy Tyson, (via Sue), who has moved to the north of the State. Judy, you might find another craft group nearby, here is one link to groups that meet around Tasmania.

Reminder if you are going to the Wild West Coast Fibre Event soon, check here for the latest info. Have you crafted your Textile and CD???

Enjoy the pics, let me know if something needs tweaking.

Crafters December 2015 – Xmas Craziness

TreewhiteGreat day at Crafters, little groups scattered through the hall with their own cafe tables, others enjoying the view on the deck with a cuppa and a cake. What a life! It has been a terrific year, such a joy to meet up monthly and see what others have created.

Our Buy or Barter seems to have spread out to several spots now; today we had bags of alpaca fibre, various plants, lots of jewellery, a rack of hand sewn delights, tubs of boysenberries, a delightful Xmas wreath, a box of wooden biros, hairpins, a koala tea cosy and more – amazing. Even one of the show and tell baby teddies was bartered for some needle felting equipment.

The Show and Tell table had some gorgeous quilting – cushions and small quilts or wall hangings in Xmas themes, adorable. Great comfort blanket for a grandson, brilliant hat in very festive colours, some great beanies and soft toys, some examples of electronic scrap booking, Xmas ideas in embroidery and jewellery and recycling tins with felt covers, felted second grade alpaca fibre as garden hangings for birds to use for nesting materials, some hospital teddies and a heap of gorgeous little Xmas gift bags.

We forgot to mention that Shirley Tongs won the Overall Prize for Knitting at the 2015 Huon Show! Congratulations Shirley, why wasn’t it all on the Show and Tell table???

Robyn created a beautiful GingerBread House at Sewing for Refugees earlier in the week and very generously donated it as a raffle to Crafters – it raised $84, many thanks Robyn, the money will go to the Judbury Community Hall at some time next year, when the next project is identified. Whilst on the subject of money, once we have paid our dues each week (rent, consumables etc) the surplus money accumulates until the Judbury Progress Association have identified a need at which time we, (Judbury Crafters), contribute what we can.

It was great fun to have Xmas lunch together, please everyone, take care over the festive season, come back healthy and happy in 2016.

What’s coming up?

  • Ulverstone group have invited us to their 2nd birthday, on Saturday February 13th.
  • A Sock Yarn Dyeing workshop to achieve pattern repeat, on Tuesday 12th January, at Deloraine.
  • A fibre weekend at Tullah on a weekend in February.
  • Some great workshops in Franklin.

See the Guild calendar for these and other events.

Thank you’s:

  • Big thanks to Shirley and Michelle who do so much to keep Crafters on the rails.
  • Big thanks to Irene and Tony who have plied us with brilliant coffee thru the year.
  • Big thanks to the Crafters that come along throughout the year, it is you that makes it work so well.

Enjoy the photos, see you next year! And if there is anything you would particularly like to do or learn or teach at Crafters, tell us.

Crafters October 2015

Beautiful cotton crochet throw by Sue

Beautiful cotton crochet throw by Sue

What a perfect day to be indoors sharing craftiness with friends. What a variety on the Show and Tell table today – Knitting, Crochet, Blankets, Jumpers, Scarves, Felting, Beanies, Bolts of cloth, Belts, Wooden carving, Yarn, Pens, Quilting, Patchwork, Embroidery – a huge pool of talent being shared and admired.

What a pleasure to welcome, and hear from, the HWSD Guild of Tasmania President Alan Shaw, thank you Alan for coming down to our group. I hope the fish were biting on the way home.

We thoroughly enjoyed being spoilt by our Barista Team, Irene and Tony – and are going to miss them for the rest of the year as they take a well earned break and travel up to sunny QLD.

Congratulations to Helen and Mike Dowd, of Dowpaca, they bought home a bevy of ribbons from the Launceston Show. 1st place for Lavinia – a beautiful grey; 1st place for Katie -a white; and Reserve Champion Junior Female for Katie – great breeding Dowpaca! No wonder the alpaca items they produce are so heavenly soft.

Letting you know that Sheena Jack is having a weaving exhibition at Margate Museum on Thursday 5th November. From Carpets to Damask – Sheena’s work is wonderful so it will be worth a visit. And remember Terry Tonga Choi-Lundberg’s “One” Art Sale at Studio Karma between 13 – 22 November.

Pauline shared Knitted Knockers with us. 100% knitted cotton breast prosthetics – want to know more? Email them or check them out at 106 David st, East Devonport.

Finally, a HUGE THANK YOU to Etsuko Sakai and Setsuko Okuda, visiting from Japan. Etsuko dressed in Kimono and played the Koto, it was beautiful to both see and hear. Setsuko shared her silk knot work with crafters and it was of interest to many.

Enjoy the photos, click anyone to start a slide show