Crafters October 2014

Alice the Alpaca

Alice the Alpaca

A great day with great crafters, how many different activities can we fit into one gathering!?

Tony plied us with fabulous coffee, delivered with flair by Irene, we love you guys! Brian came along and raffled a Nicholl’s Meat Tray, spinning that chocolate wheel with just the right twist – Alanna was very happy with her winning ticket. As a little fundraiser for the hall it was much appreciated, thank you everyone for getting into the spirit of things.

The Buy or Barter table had all manner of things – cards, jewellery, books, plants, eggs (quack quacks and cockle a’doodle doos), alpaca fleece, yarns, buttons and bows! Irene’s notions were out on display and certainly gave the hall a very cheer look and feel.

Valeri was weaving a bag pattern from her Haruko Matsunaga book, as was Josiane. To see more of Haruko’s work, go here. Wilma bought along her rigid heddle loom to sell, and………changed her mind! She is off home to weave bags. Wilma makes the most of everything she weaves and was wearing a gorgeous jacket showing just that.

Josiane talked folk thru a Shropshire Button lesson – it was a lot of fun with great results.  See this website for an online tutorial, kudos to Kate Davies Designs and to Josiane for mastering the technique and sharing it with us. There was a lot more going on, hopefully most of it captured in the photos.

In November Pauline will run a small Marbling with Shaving Foam session – it will cost $5 to join in as there are some consumables to be purchased. Bring small items like socks, small squares of silk or A4 sheets of paper if you want to join in. Cathy will have small bits of silk for sale on the day, and it wouldn’t hurt to register your interest with Cathy.

If you are into, or want to be into, Felting, the Guild is running a new Felting group on 4th Tuesday of each month at the Battery Point rooms, ask more of Cathy.

Enjoy the pics.

Crafters July 2014

Wowsers! What a fabulous day, a playdate with 41 other like-minded crafters. It was quite special in several ways.

Guild President, Alan Shaw, join us for the day. It was great to see you Alan. Thank you for the information about the temperature control gizmo, and to see the progress of the potential Campbell Town tartan. We welcomed home Ken and Lorraine after their mainland sojourn, altho’ Lorraine’s story about grown men eating raw eggs and running around in sack bags has us wondering exactly what they have been up to while we’ve been holding the fort down here! Several people new to the group dropped by today, great to see you all.

The Buy or Barter table had an interesting mix of goodies – jewellery, jams, books, patterns, glasses, plants, scarves, mirrors, spinning wheel, yarn – such fun to wheel and deal with friends. A spinning wheel was sold on behalf of Geeveston Spinners that meet at Pt Huon – a good feeling to spread the love between groups. The Show and Tell table had many of us drooling with envy at the skills of others – Appliqué, Men’s knitted jumper, Beanies, skeins of handspun yarn, shawls, knitted scarves, woven scarves, two at a time toe up socks, flowers, smocking, woven jackets, pencil drawing, embroidery on handmade silk paper, felted embellishments – ’tis a crafty group!  The kitchen kept us fed and watered. Thank you to everyone that shared a plate with us, and big hugs to Tony the Barista and Irene the Maitre’d who plied us with REAL coffee delivered with a smile. Thank you Shirley for hosting the Show and Tell, no one else can gong us into silence like you can.

Naomi couldn’t make it to this session but she has shared with us that delicious Cake recipe from last month. Thanks Naomi. And she also passed onto Jess big thanks for the knitting lesson, and assures us she and Sophie are casting on with a’plomb. Below is an updated flyer for a Natural Dye workshop running in November 2014, please note, this is not a Guild event, but we are happy to help promote crafty business. We also bring to your attention the Huon Valley Business Awards, nominations close on August 16.

Looking ahead to August, Irene Choi is going to show us how to craft flowers, Gail & Helen may demonstrate appliqué, Maree may bring a special bunny and we may also be treated to a quick demonstration of a lovely rolled edge for knitted cowls. In September we may have some culinary sessions – jam judging and ?????

Pumpkin Orange Apricot Cake Recipe:     Natural Dye W/shop:

Enjoy the photos.

Crafters February 2014

jfibreWow!!! What a day, never was I more wrong. “It will be a quiet gathering”, I said. Nup! So brilliant to see so many of us gathered to share and care. Valeri, Janet, Dorothy, Cathy, Shirley, Jeff, Helen, Mike, Pauline, Jeanette, Joy, Jacqueline, Helen, Gail, Linda, Zoe, Kerry, Pam, Nikki, Jennifer, Margaret, Helen, Megan, Josiane, Margaret, Ken, Lorraine, Maree, Irene, Irene, Tony – the J’s won this month, 7 of your names started with the letter J. Many thanks to the Barista Boy who kept us going, to Irene for her display of notions, Linda for the brewing kit!!!!, the jams and the ????, Nikki for the earrings and herbage, Josiane for the fleece – oh dear, who have I missed? We appreciate your input to the buy or barter table.

Variety was the name of the game. Spinning, circle machine knitting, embroidered bags, knitting, crocheting, needle felted landscapes, quilting, hand sewing of exquisitness, felt balls, weaving, machine embroidery, bags, collars, felted works in progress (wips) – it got quite exciting. Clicking the first photo will give you a slide show with text for each image.

Remember the 4-shaft table loom is set up – feel free to experiment with weaving, design and colour, technique or yarn type. Nothing is wrong, everything is right, and at the end of the meterage we will have some cloth with which to play.

See you on the second Monday of March!

Weave-a-long, Learn-a-long

Crafters have a 4-shaft table loom set up to use each month this year. With about 3m of warp there is lots of opportunity to play, learn, experiment with colour and design and yarn type, practice tension and think about uses for odd woven bits! The loom is threaded 1 2 3 4 3 2 1 2 3 4 3 2 and repeat for 175 threads. A floating selvedge added each side. Always manually lift UP the outgoing end thread to make a selvedge no matter what pattern pick you have chosen.

A lift of 13 24 13 24 13 24 etc will produce a plain under and over weave, (often called tabby).

A lift of 12 23 34 41 12 23 34 41 12 etc will produce a pointed twill.

A lift of 1  2  3  4  3  2  1  2  3  4  3  2  and repeat, that is, only 1 shaft lifted at a time, (same as the threading) will produce diamond pattern.

Crafters in 2011

Recycled clothing

Recycled clothing

Crafters began meeting in the Judbury Community Hall in February 2011. Situated on the beautiful Huon River it is a great place to meet fellow crafters, to share one’s craft, knowledge and skills and in return, absorb new ideas.

The range of crafts continually introduces us to new ways to tweak our own craftiness.